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Privacy state­ment

Notes on data protec­tion

We are delighted about your inte­rest in our website and our company. Despite our careful content checks we cannot accept any liabi­lity for external links to third party content. The protec­tion of your personal infor­ma­tion in the course of the collec­tion, proces­sing and use during your visit to our website is an important issue to us. Your data is protected in accordance with legal regu­la­tions. In the follo­wing chap­ters we provide further infor­ma­tion on the data recorded during your visit to our website and the utili­sa­tion thereof:

Scope of appli­ca­tion

This data privacy state­ment advises users on the nature, the scope, the purpose of data collec­tion and the utili­sa­tion of personal data on this website (follo­wing referred to as “Offer”) by the respon­sible “Provider” markt­und­de­sign, Kaisers­werther Markt 11, 40489 Düssel­dorf,, +49 (0)211 9408450).

The appli­cable legis­la­tive foun­da­tions for data protec­tion can be found in the German Federal Data Protec­tion Act (BDSG) and the German Tele­media Act (TMG).

Use of the contents of this website

Any content on this website may neither be published else­where nor used, stored, distri­buted or modi­fied in any manner without explicit approval.


The entire content of this website (texts and visual mate­rial) is protected by copy­right.
The proprie­tary rights belong to the respec­tive photo­graphers and authors of the texts or content. Proprie­tary rights are not trans­ferable.

Access data / Server log-files

The Provider (or his web-space provider) collects data on any access to the Offer (by so-called server log files). Such access data include:

Desi­gna­tion of the invoked webpage, file, date and time of access, amount of data trans­ferred, noti­fi­ca­tion of successful invo­ca­tion, browser type incl. browser version, the user opera­ting system, referrer URL (the previously visited web page), IP address and the provider used for access.

The Provider uses the server log files only for statis­tical evalua­tions for the purpose of opera­tions, secu­rity and the opti­mi­sa­tion of the Offer. However, the Provider reserves the right to subse­quently review the server log data in situa­tions, where a justi­fied suspi­cion based on tangible grounds indi­cates illegal use

Hand­ling of personal data

Personal data repres­ents infor­ma­tion that can help to make an indi­vi­dual iden­ti­fiable, thus infor­ma­tion that can be traced back to a specific person. This includes the name, the e-mail address or the phone number. However, also data regar­ding prefe­rences, hobbies, memberships or the websites viewed by someone count as being part of personal data.

Perso­nen­be­zo­gene Daten werden von dem Anbieter nur dann erhoben, genutzt und weiter gegeben, wenn dies gesetz­lich erlaubt ist oder die Nutzer in die Daten­er­he­bung einwilligen.The Provider will only collect, use or pass on personal data if this is either legally permis­sible, or the user has consented to the collec­tion of the data.

Estab­lish­ment of contact

The infor­ma­tion provided by a user will be stored for the purpose of proces­sing the query and possible follow-up ques­tions, when a user estab­lishes contact with the Provider (e.g., by means of a contact form or by e-mail).

Inte­gra­tion of services and content of third-parties

It may happen that third-party content such as YouTube videos, maps from Google Maps, RSS feeds or graphics from other websites are inte­grated in this website Offer. This always presup­poses that a provider of such third-party content (hereinafter referred to as “Third-party provider”) takes notice of the IP address of a user, since the IP address is required for sending such third-party content to the browser of the respec­tive user. Thus, the IP address is required for displaying such content. We strive to only use content where the use of an IP address by the respec­tive Third-party provider is limited to the deli­very of the respec­tive content. However, we have no control over Third-party provi­ders, if they store IP addresses, for example, for statis­tical purposes. We shall advise users accord­ingly insofar as this is known to us.


Cookies repre­sent small files that enable to store specific device related infor­ma­tion on the device (PC, Smart­phone or similar) used by a user for acces­sing an URL. On the one hand, they serve the purpose of website user-friend­li­ness and hence serve the user (e.g., storing of login data). On the other hand, they serve the purpose of collec­ting and analy­sing statis­tical data on the use of a website in order to improve the website offer. Users are able to influ­ence the deploy­ment of cookies. Most brow­sers feature an option that can be used to limit or to comple­tely prevent the deploy­ment of cookies. However it should be noted that the use of a website, in parti­cular the comfort of use, may be impaired without the deploy­ment of cookies.

Users can admi­nister many online-advert-cookies of compa­nies by using the US American site or the EU site

Google Analy­tics

This Offer uses Google Analy­tics, a web analy­tics service provided by Google Inc. (”Google”). Google Analy­tics uses so called “Cookies”, text files, that are stored on a users computer and as such enable the analysis of a users’ use of a website. The infor­ma­tion gathered by Cookies related to a user’s use of the website is usually trans­ferred to a Google Server in the United States, where it is saved.

In cases where the IP anony­mi­sa­tion func­tion is enabled for a website, Google will befo­re­hand trun­cate the IP address of users within member states of the European Union or within other member states of the European Economic Area Agree­ment; only in excep­tional cases, will the full IP address be trans­mitted to a Google Server in the USA, where it is subse­quently trun­cated. For this website, the IP anony­mi­sa­tion func­tion is enabled. Google will use this infor­ma­tion on behalf of the Provider of this website to evaluate the use of the website by the users, to create reports on the activi­ties on this web site and in order to provide addi­tional services related to the use of this website and the use of the Internet to the Provider of this Offer.

The IP address trans­mitted by the browser of a user in the context of Google Analy­tics will not be united with other data of Google. Users can however prevent the deploy­ment of Cookies by adjus­ting the settings of their browser soft­ware accord­ingly; this Offer however noti­fies its users on the fact, that users, who prevent the use of Cookies, will possibly not be able to use all the func­tions of this website to its full extent. Further­more, users can prevent that infor­ma­tion regar­ding their use of the website (incl. their IP address), which is collected and created by a Cookie, will be trans­mitted to and processed by Google, if they down­load and install the browser plugin avail­able via the follo­wing link.

An alter­na­tive to the above browser add-on or for brow­sers on mobile devices for preven­ting the collec­tion of infor­ma­tion on the use of this website by Google Analy­tics in the future is avail­able by clicking this link, in order to install a so-called Opt-Out-Cookie on the user’s device. This link must be clicked again, when all cookies were deleted from the respec­tive device.


This Offer uses Jetpack (previously known as, a tool for the statis­tical analysis of visitor accesses, which is operated by Auto­mattic Inc., 60 29th Street #343, San Fran­cisco, CA 94110-4929, USA, and utilises the tracking tech­no­logy of Quant­cast Inc., 201 3rd St, Floor 2, San Fran­cisco, CA 94103-3153, USA. uses so called “Cookies”, text files, that are stored on a user’s computer and as such enable the analysis of a user’s use of a website. The infor­ma­tion collected and gene­rated by the Cookie regar­ding the use of this Internet Offer by a user is stored on a Server in the USA. The respec­tive IP addresses will be anony­mised imme­dia­tely after the data is processed and before the data is stored. Users can however prevent the instal­la­tion of Cookies by adjus­ting the settings of their browser soft­ware accord­ingly; we however notify the user of our Offer on the fact, that users, who prevent the use of Cookies, will possibly not be able to use all the func­tions of this Offer to its full extent. Users can object to the collec­tion and the use of data by Quant­cast with effect for the future by instal­ling an Opt-Out-Cookie to their browser by clicking the follo­wing link “Click here to opt-out” This Opt-Out-Cookie must be reinstalled, in cases where all Cookies were deleted from the respec­tive device.

Revo­ca­tion, Modi­fi­ca­tions, Correc­tions and Updates

Upon request, users have the right to obtain free of charge infor­ma­tion regar­ding the personal data stored about them. Further­more, users are entitled to demand the correc­tion of inac­cu­rate data and the blocking and dele­tion of their personal data, unless a statutory reten­tion requi­re­ment is preclu­ding such request..