Bayer MaterialScience and marktunddesign are opening innovative ways for electronic applications

Technology carrier, Tweezer

“This small item has the potential of revolutionising the electronics market,” explains Ralph Schneider, Bayer MaterialScience, because the developed tweezers represent a technology carrier containing a novel and completely invisible switching technology. “The innovation referred to as EXTRACT combines mechanical properties of chemical materials, which simultaneously conduct light or electricity and electronic components. It thus stands for a branch of technology that is taking on increasing importance in the industry, “Mechoptronic”, the interaction between mechanics, optics and electronics.

The “Smart Switch System” represents the core element of the tweezers. Without any buttons or wires, a simply touch invokes the flow of light through transparent tiny prongs. The circuit closes and the light is switched on by touching the tiny prongs. Battery, LEDs and other electronic components are housed in the head of the tweezers.

marktunddesign was responsible for the design, construction and production management of EXTRACT. Furthermore, the product logo, packaging, brochures, 3D animation, etc. were developed by marktunddesign. The EXTRACT product is exclusively produced and distributed by the company www.moree.de

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