Luggage Collection

Development of an ESPRIT luggage collection for the ESPRIT licensee Happy Rain

Sport and Lifestyle, Luggage
The objective was to develop a stylish and innovative collection with high USPs and functionalities. A market and competitive analysis, monitoring of key target groups, such as a trend, material and technology monitoring laid the foundation. One concept was selected out of six, detailed and developed through to series maturity.

The suitcase in hybrid design, as core of the collection is available in three sizes and equipped with four 360° wheels. The Hybrid design is defined by a hard as well as a soft shell and thus combines the advantages of both types of design – stability and lightness. The design of the collection embodies sporty lightness, vitality and a sense of style in the ESPRIT brand environment. In addition to the basic tapered shape, the curved front zipper, similar to a smile, forms a significant design feature of the complete collection.

The collection, referred to as “Cocktail” comprises twelve products, from beauty case through to backpack. All products are available in 3 fashionable colours.

Product family