Fritz Germany

Fresh Bait - individual preparation of fishing baits for predator and prey fish

Sport and Lifestyle, Ecological gel bait

Specialising in the needs of anglers and together with ambitious amateur fishermen and professionals in the field of fishing, we develop new products that make fishing more successful with more respect for the environment.

The Fresh Bait product line is the result of our development work. Based on food components, we developed a novel form of artificial baits, which can be individually and easily prepared. Water and natural, water-soluble protein compounds are the major components of the gel bait. The highly toxic lead heads were replaced by zinc. The real revolution however, is our modular system, which enables every angler to produce his complex gel fish according to his individual requirements, cost effectively and with little effort involved.

In addition to the product development, marktunddesign developed the complete corporate identity, the advertising means of communication, the product packaging, the POS presentation as well as the execution of trade fairs.

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