t-blade / Onyx Blade ice hockey blade system

The fastest blade in the world

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The innovative t-blade system provides the hockey player with numerous benefits.
Unlike conventional systems, the t-blade (t = thermo) is not made of solid metal, but of a mere 0.8 mm thin high-tech alloy and a glass fibre-reinforced plastic. Unlike other technologies, the heat resulting from the pressure (weight of the player) and friction (sliding) is not discharged from the metal, but is insulated by the plastic. The more quickly from the surface resulting water film, on which the player slides across, enables the system to be up to 40% faster than conventional systems. The system is extremely robust, faster and more cost-effective and instead of re-sharpening, the blades are simply replaced, similar to the blades of razors. In addition, there are blades in different geometric forms for different player applications.

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