Repositioning a brand

Small electric appliances, Personal Care and Small-Kitchen-Appliance-Products

Since 2014, marktunddesign has been responsible for product development at CARRERA. The vision of the brand was already presented by CARRERA at the IFA 2014: CARRERA originates from motorsport racing, “Carrera Panamericana”, the toughest car race of all times. These are the values of the genetic code of the brand, based upon which all products and services will be redeveloped in the future. The primary components of development and design comprise reliability, performance and focus on the essentials.

At IFA 2015, CARRERA presented the completely new product portfolio, 16 newly developed devices within the Personal Care and Kitchen-Appliance segments. The product family offers an extremely compelling design crafting a self-contained aesthetic look of the products. All products have a number of recurring elements which make their unmistakable mark on the shelves be it matt lacquered and brushed surfaces or rubberised grips and glossy LED displays. Design and function are technically factual, whereby analogies from interior and exterior design of motorsport and automotive designs are intended.

Consciously setting the trend towards individuality. CARRERA also detaches itself from prevailing gender stereotypes. There is no longer any distinction made between supposedly male and female products. The new guiding principle is: One tool boosts all! Carrera is post gender and post styling. Gender stereotypes and out-dated style constraints are not compatible with this brand. This new openness is called “Omnisex”

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