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SEBO Airbelt E

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Based in Velbert, Germany SEBO Stein & Co., a global leader for high-quality brush vacuum cleaners, symbolises technical innovation and intelligent detail solutions. For more than 30 years, these superior high-quality products have been developed and manufactured exclusively in Velbert – Quality made in Germany. Many good ideas from SEBO have become a benchmark for world-class vacuum cleaners, for example, the patented Airbelt that acts as a bumper guard and the integrated suction hose. SEBO vacuum cleaners professionally clean the carpets at the White House in Washington, Buckingham Palace in London, in the German Bundestag and in leading hotels in the world.

SEBO contacted us with the task of designing a household vacuum cleaner, which reflects the brand value of the SEBO company and serves as new flagship model leading this vacuum cleaner series. In order to discuss the strategic direction of the SEBO brand, monitoring of the market, competitors and the product world were the focus points of the first workshop. On this basis, initial concepts were developed and a selection of six designs were presented to the customer, which represented the launch of intensive project work with the goal of developing an optimum product, both in terms of production technology and visual appearance. This also included the technical feasibility and design of all details and solutions in addition to a target group oriented attractive visual appearance.

The visual appearance of the Airbelt E is characterised by the perfect symbiosis of power and elegance. Dynamic surfaces with sleek edges create tension and impart the product with a contemporary aesthetic. Timelessly simple elegance conveying a sense of lightness. The design draws special attention to the unique Airbelt that acts as a bumper guard – the USP of all SEBO vacuum cleaners – which is visually highlighted and thus intuitively translates its semantics to the customer. Our experience in the development of medical devices also contributed towards an innovative idea regarding improved material for the Airbelt. The accessories can be integrated in compliance with the shape and form, for example, by integrating the upholstery nozzle at the back of the Airbelt, so that the coherence of the design is not compromised. At the same time, the accessory is easily accessible and positioned within easy reach. The Airbelt E consequently combines sophisticated functionality, which facilitates ease of use for the customer right from the start, with an expressive styling and timeless aesthetic and thus providing long lasting pleasure.

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