Bayer Baylab

Polycarbonate products for Bayer MaterialScience

Functional item, Student laboratory

Looking and participating behind the scenes. Visitors to “Baylab Plastik” on the premises of Bayer AG in Leverkusen can actively participate within research, engineering, design, and communication teams. Participants discover how a modern company works, and experience first hand the formation process of an innovative plastic product in a single day. From the idea to design, through to construction and production. All steps are performed within modern laboratories and ultimately produced on an injection-moulding machine. At the end of the session, every visitor thus receives his personal product, to which he actively contributed.

marktunddesign developed different products for “Baylab Plastik” which were manufactured by the injection-moulding process on site. Moreover, it was more extensively supported by 2D communication media.

The developed products range from a PC mouse with interchangeable covers, through to cups with integrated ice cube mould and a ballpoint pen assembly kit.

Product family