One for all Universal Remote Control

Design development and construction of a universal remote control

Consumer electronics, Remotecontrol

Universal remote controls are able to operate all entertainment systems controlled via IR interfaces such as televisions, Blu-ray player, Hi-Fi/Stereo systems, etc. Only one remote control is required and all other remote controls supplied by the respective manufacturer become obsolete.

The main task was to create a haptic-based user interface offering superior robustness in addition to developing a design-oriented remote control with high unique positioning.

The keyboard of the remote control is designed to enable intuitive usage after a short period of time even without visual contact, where the user reaches the functional levels of the desired devices and functions via the main controls. It is possible to ensure that the remote control cannot be damaged and that the battery drawer does not open even during a fall on hard ground by using soft materials (TPE) during the co-injection process. The remote control was produced in three modular design versions.

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