Product development in the fields of sound, speakers, video, TV and accessories

Consumer electronics, Audio equipment

For more than 20 years, the TERRATEC brand has symbolised reliable and quality products in the fields of sound, speakers, video, TV and PC accessories. As part of a multi-year collaboration, marktunddesign has contributed to reshaping the product portfolio of the TERRATEC brand and developed a variety of products.

Product family phase

Development of a product family of external FireWire modules. The objective was the development of high quality and stable equipment with high unique positioning. The product family (example here: Phase 24) consists of aluminium-magnesium housing. Each product is based on only two tool sets, each with one cavity and exchange kernel. The housing parts have been assembled mirror symmetric which enables an economical production.

Aureon 71 FireWire™

Development of a futuristically styled metal housing based on an aluminium profile. The product is thus extremely robust and at the same time reflects the quality of inner values. For ambitious PC players or amateur musicians, the external surround system with orange-illuminated rotary controls stands out from comparable devices on the market.


The TERRATEC Lancaster series consists of up to four components. A control centre for connecting the TV, hard drive module, digital receiver for TV and radio signals, as well as a TV tuner for analogue TV programmes. The idea was to develop a housing design for at that time revolutionary technology which reflects the innovation of the technology whilst remaining timeless.

Noxon iRadio Cube

The development task included design, construction and production management with an Asian manufacturer. The iRadio Cube enables playback of Internet radio with 2.1 sound for kitchen and bedroom without using a PC. Numerous test runs with different sound conduction and materials ultimately revealed a small sound miracle with stereo sound and sub-woofer.

Noxon 2 Audio Player

The development task of the NOXON 2 audio, an audio player for home, office and garden, included the aspects of design, construction, sound development and production management.
The task was to communicate maximum quality and unique positioning by means of the design, to enable the operation of the portable jukebox via remote control or to intuitively enable the integrated button and to achieve maximum sound quality in the smallest of spaces.

Product family