Innovation-oriented development of products.

In many industries and markets, products and services are becoming increasingly comparable and development cycles and market demands are becoming more dynamic. In addition, achievable prices are frequently declining.

A lower price is often the only message still perceived by the market in the hope of gaining a short-term advantage. On the other hand, the aspect of innovation and the appearance of the products as well as the design have an immense influence on the purchasing motivation.

marktunddesign specialises in developing innovative solutions and attractive messages, visualises these by means of design and enables products and brands to differentiate themselves, to communicate more effectively and to generate added value. Innovation and design are the essential links to all development and marketing-related disciplines at marktunddesign, be it a new development or revision of products, or developing a product portfolio, graphic design, packaging or corporate communications.

Services at a glance

  • Product idea and conceptualisation
  • Product design
  • Graphic design for all media
  • Corporate Design
  • Web design, 3D animation, Visualization
  • Communication (Advertising), Conceptualisation and Implementation
  • Exhibition stand and POS design

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