Methodical collection and analysis of markets, competitors and competitive products, as well as identification of dealer and consumer expectations.

The market determines the success of a product. Every market, every industry and every product is subject to different laws and regulations.
Our clients may have extensive knowledge of their industry, however, only experts from outside the industry can evaluate the sector with a differentiated approach – with the interplay of experiences from different industries, synergies and new solutions will arise.
marktunddesign services include a differentiated and comprehensive analysis of the needs and expectations of a product, a brand or a company and the integration of these findings into the planning and development process.
Our tools enable transparency of the market requirements and the highlighting there of in products and in communications.

Services at a glance

  • Market monitoring and analysis
  • Competition monitoring and analysis
  • Product monitoring and analysis
  • Communications monitoring and analysis
  • Dealer and consumer analyses
  • Trend and technology analyses
  • Strategic product, brand and communications planning

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